Sep 05, 2018

WeWork to provide Content Marketing Services to Startups

WeWork, the world’s biggest real estate company that provides coworking space to businesses across the world is planning to foray into content marketing. It acquired Conductor in March, a company that analyses people's search queries and help companies to market themselves better.

Conductor also helps companies with heir content marketing strategies. The company has customers like Citibank, Salesforce and WeWork itself. After the acquisition, WeWork is sharing resources with Conductor to fund expansion, open new offices, hiring more people and add more customers. Conductor’s has had phenomenal success in the second quarter of 2018 with 130 percent in its new business segment compared to a 2017. It has also added more than 50 employees to the original 275-person team.

WeWork and Conductor have decided to work together due to their common vision, mission and culture. WeWork is also looking to expand into the profitable digital marketing industry to grow its business further. The company founded in 2010 as a single coworking space in New York now has more than 200 locations globally. They provide office services like internet, coffee and sometimes marketing to the businesses in these offices. Conductor can also help these businesses in their content marketing efforts through its tools and customer service representatives.

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