Jul 23, 2019

Why Do Majority Startups Fail During The Initial Four Month of Their Launch

Start-ups usually show immense enthusiasm when they just begin however most of them fall off within the first four months itself. One of the major reasons could be the lack of knowledge and skills required when it comes to marketing.

Start-ups usually fail when they are not able to reach a desired number of consumers. Some of the most common reasons for start-ups to lose their spark include the following:
  • - Lack of knowledge in online marketing
  • - Not visible enough in online searches
  • - Not much demand for their products and services
  • - Lack of money & issues related to price and cost
  • - Inefficient customer service
  • - Lack of strong team
  • - Domination by big retail giants
One of the crucial things to remember is that marketing is extremely important when it comes to launching your business on online platform. Businesses need to consider applying various tools in order to increase awareness regarding their brand.
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