Dec 07, 2018

Why Startups should Match Strong Data Analytics with Good Storytelling

It is claimed that startups should try to match strong data analytics with good storytelling. Humans tend to understand things more clearly if stated in the form of stories. Our brains are said to be more receptive to information if they are in the form of stories.

Initially, fables and fairy tales were used as a means of communication of information. These stories have lived up so well that they are relevant even today.

The Power of Data Analytics is in Good Storytelling
Data is now said to be very important. Also data analytics is said to be the future of everything. You need to understand your data analytics process and also you need to know how to communicate the results of your analysis and if not you will just be left with stagnant information.

Good Data Stories Raise Funds
It is great to recall a memorable story. However, if that memorable story is founded on the grounds of accurate data it can be a powerful fundraising tool. If you are able to tell the story of your data that implies that you have a good grasp of where exactly your company stands. It also states that you are able to understand the power of your data in relation to industry data trends.

Stories Rally People Behind You
One of the most challenging things for startups and SME's is to hire people. Why is Google said to be one of the best companies to work with? One of the reasons could be that they are able to package their data points into an attractive story.

Data storytelling is not simply presentation of data. It also involves understanding how the decision-making affects the process of your intended audience.

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