Sep 29, 2018

50 Million Facebook Accounts Hacked, Again !

It has recently come to notice that around 50 Million Facebook Accounts have been hacked. The news is a huge shock for Facebook since it already seems to battle under the Cambridge Analytica Scandal which broke out in the month of March.

The news regarding the breach was shared by Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post and it claimed that it was not sure whether the accounts have been misused or not. The breach is said to be the result of the "View As" feature.

This feature was introduced in the month of July 2017. Facebook came to know about this hack only this week. The person responsible for the hack is unknown. However, Facebook has alerted the FBI regarding the same.

It is said that about 50 million accounts have been hacked from over 2 billion Facebook users. In case your account gets hacked you will be notified regarding the same. The attack is said to be massive and also the hacked accounts are at a high risk that all the things which they have shared on Facebook might get exploited.

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