Sep 03, 2018

7 Things to Learn while using Facebook Ads

Facebook is the best digital marketing tool available right now that lets businesses find their ideal customers through advanced ad targeting options. Here some insights about Facebook marketing, that not many people notice:

1. The Ad Image should Contain Text less than 20%
Facebook has become very strict about the text used in ads. As a general rule, the text in your ads should be less than 20%. They also shouldn't cover the images in the ads. Now, Facebook has provided marketers with a tool that tells them the percentage of text in their ads.

2. Split your Bid into CPC, CPM, and Engagement
Since there are several models in which you can put your ad money in, you should split your bid into several different options based on your goal and audience. Every model will be different in terms of pricing. For eg: if you're looking to increase clicks, go for CPM bidding than the CPC bidding.

3. Targeting Options are always Changing and Utilize both AND & OR Operator
Most people will choose the "and" option while targeting people with two interests. Rather than using the "and" option select "or & and" option for targeting your ads so that people who are interested in either topic 1 or 2 will see your ads.

4. Selecting a Particular Location doesn't Mean the People who live there
Often marketers target people based on their location. Suppose they might wish to target people of New York so they simply type the city name in the location box. They will most likely miss the drop down menu suggesting “Everyone in this location.” Selecting this option will make your ad campaign visible to residents as well as visitors to New York.

5. The third-party Data for Facebook knows A Lot about You
When people fill out surveys or shop online, this information is collected and sold to Facebook by some companies. This allows for effective targeting based on online behaviour. So, the next time you're targeting based on behaviour, know that most of this data comes from third party sources.

6. There are Four Ways to Access the Facebook Ad Management
Boost Post, Facebook Ad manage, Power Edit, Advertising API & Ad Management tool are the four ways to access Facebook ad management.

7. Prefer the Mobile over Desktop
Majority of Facebook users access the site on their phones rather than desktops. Some desktop users do not even click on ads. Hence, you should use the Audience insights tool to understand the behaviour patterns of your  target audience, so that you can serve ads based on their habits.

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