Dec 03, 2019

The Rising Menace of Digital Disinformation.

There is an ever-increasing number of people who have accounts on different social media platforms. Hence, a huge number of population is available online. This clearly depicts how rapidly digital disinformation seems to be advancing. 

Popular social media platforms seem to be caught in this vicious circle of fake news. Since many people are available online the fake news spreads like fire. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google seem to be constantly dealing with the burden of fake news. 

Disinformation implies the sudden and fast spread of news that holds little or no truth. One growing area of trouble is the innovation of a new term known as 'Deepfakes'. This seems to be an advanced version of fake news. Deepfakes basically means how words can be put in someone's mouth without them actually having said it. 

The most popular reason for the spread of fake news is the ease of accessing the internet. The biggest reason for the spread of fake news can be attributed to the manipulation campaigns of social media. 

China and Russia have played a vital role in the building of campaigns. Google, Twitter, and Facebook are seen responding in their own way to the mess that is created by disinformation. 

However, time will only tell how this can be controlled.