Jan 14, 2019

Facebook Events can be shared to Stories Now

Now Facebook events can be shared to stories. A new share button was launched by Facebook on the 14th of January which basically allowed users to share an Event inside Stories.

As of now the feature is being tested in the US, Mexico and Brazil. With this feature users are allowed to share in order to find friends interested in joining them at the event. The share button now includes a "Share To Your Story" option for users who are said to be part of the test.

Once users have shared they can view what their friends have responded. Users can start a group message to make plans to attend the event together. One of the advantage of this feature is the fact that it can serve as a shortcut for the purpose of gauging interest in terms of attending an event as a group.

Earlier the share button on Event pages allowed users to share in the news feed or send in messenger. Facebook stories now include music stickers, archiving, and Group Stories inside the slideshow-like format.
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