Aug 30, 2019

Facebook Introduces New Additions In Business Tools On Messenger

Facebook has come up with a new set of business tools when it comes to messenger interactions. The new tools will provide for an improved experience to users on Messenger.

Detailed below is a list of the new tools introduced :

  • 1. LEAD GENERATION TEMPLATES - The update will include lead generation templates which was highlighted by Facebook in the month of May.

  • 2. APPOINTMENT BOOKING - You can now experience direct appointment booking options on Messenger. With this update, you can combine the Messenger response flow with your calendar booking software.

  • 3. NEW MESSAGING WINDOW - The new update will remove the option for businesses to respond after the completion of 24 hours as opposed to earlier policy. This will in effect from the month of January 15, 2020.

  • 4. DISCOVER TAB - Lastly, the discover tab is all set to bid goodbye with this update.

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