May 26, 2019

Facebook has Come Up With its Biggest Redesign Look

Facebook has decided to come up with certain new changes. The changes are said to be one of the biggest ones since the time it has been launched 15 years ago. At the F8 developer conference, Facebook has come up with a redesigned Facebook app by the name FB5.

The new look is aimed to look more modern and fresh and will also see the removal of the blue bar at the top of the site. A few improvements were also announced for Messenger and Instagram apps.

Messenger app will now see end-to-end encryption of messages that will in short protect the messages.

Facebook's Dating is now said to have a dedicated 'Secret Crush' option. This feature will enable users to choose upto 9 friends for dating.

These changes announced by Facebook seem to be aimed at its 'privacy-focused' future.