Oct 20, 2018

Facebook has Hired Former Deputy PM as New Public Defender

Facebook has recently hired a new head of global policy and communications in order to replace Elliot Schrage. The new officer, Nick Clegg, is currently the deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom. Nick Clegg is claimed to be a former journalist, and a centrist.

Since the time Nick Clegg started his job, there are questions being raised regarding misinformtion in the messaging app. Chris Daniels, the new head of WhatsApp has made its first public comment on its blog trying to explain how Facebook is trying to prevent WhatsApp from being misused in Brazil.

About 90% of messages on WhatsApp in Brazil are individual, one-on-one conversations. There was a fight which the media had over the fact whether Facebook intentionally misled the public regarding the extent to which people had an interest in watching video.