Dec 19, 2018

Facebook has given Tech Companies Access to User Data more than we know

Facebook has given a special access to certain tech companies. Some of the tech companies include Amazon, Spotify and Microsoft wherein they are given more access to user data than the company had previously disclosed. It was in the internal Facebook documents that these special arrangements were discovered.

Netflix and Spotify were given access to users' private messages so that they can share tracks and shows via Messenger. Also, Facebook allowed Bing to view users' friends list without the users consent.

Amazon and Yahoo were among the other companies which have been allowed more access to user data. There seems to be a deal between Facebook and the tech companies wherein the former would gain more users while the latter would be able to tailor their products more effectively.

The companies include online retailers, entertainment companies and other tech businesses. This news had again highlighted the fact whether Facebook abides by the privacy control it claims to give its users.

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