Dec 05, 2018

Facebook has now become a place for Elderly rather than Teens

It is recently been found that more than teens, elderly people have now become Facebook's biggest users. Teens tend to have moved their attention to Instagram. This was highlighted by Facebook's advertising numbers which claimed that more than the children, pensioners now use the social media service here.

It is estimated that around 170,000 Irish people use Facebook who are over the age of 65 when compared to 150,000 people in the age group of 13 to 18. These figures confirm that Facebook has now mainly become a place for the elderly and the middle-aged.

There has been a global switch from young to old on Facebook. As per a research, it is found that about 36% of teens use Facebook as compared to 52% two years ago.

It can also be said that the increasing prominence of parents and grandparents on the platform has scared off the younger users.

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