Mar 19, 2019

Facebook is Changing its Ad Systems to prevent Discriminatory Advertisements

Facebook is changing its Advertising Systems in order to prevent Discriminatory Ads. One of the reasons for this move is the journalists and civil rights organizations that have exposed sales of discriminatory housing and employment ads.

Facebook is seen revamping the way in which it sells advertising for prevention of discrimination in digital ads for housing, credit and employment. An investigation launched by Civil Rights groups sued and Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson last year led to changes to Facebook's advertising practices.

As of now, Facebook will be seen to create an entirely separate portal to be used by people purchasing housing, employment and credit ads. The company will also limit how those ads are targeted.

Facebook is also set to pay around $5 million to the company that sued it. Also it has to pay $2.5 million settlement with the National Fair Housing Alliance for the purpose of training advertisers in order to comply with housing and lending laws.

However, there seems to be no public conversation regarding the creation of a separate portal.