Dec 06, 2018

Facebook makes it Mandatory for Advertisers to Disclose their Identity and Location

Facebook has now made it mandatory for advertisers to disclose their identity as well as their location. The sole reason is to bring transparency in political advertisements in the run-up to 2019 general elections. Advertisers need to disclose their identity before the advertisement material can be run on popular social media platform and Instagram.

Facebook claims that it is important for people to know more about the advertisements that they see especially the ones which refer to political figures, political parties, elections and legislation.

As per this new update, if anyone wishes to run an advertisement they would be first required to confirm their identity and location and also give more details about who has placed the advertisement.

Also, Facebook by the next year will start to show a disclaimer on all political advertisements that provide more information regarding who is placing advertisement and an online searchable Ad Library for anyone to access.

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