Sep 06, 2018

Facebook sues back BlackBerry for stealing 6 of its Patents

Facebook Inc. has sued BlackBerry Ltd. for the alleged patent infringement of various technologies including its voice messaging technology. The company has filed a 118-page complaint in San Francisco, California and is seeking unspecified damages for the infringement of a total of six patents.

Other alleged patent infringements by Blackberry include Facebook's technology which improves the delivery of graphics, video and audio in mobile devices and one that "centralises tracking and analysis of GPS data.” Five months earlier, Blackberry, the software company (not the phone manufacturer) had sued Facebook and its subsidiaries WhatsApp and Instagram citing that the the infringement of its messaging app patents.

The case was filed in March in Los Angeles, California, BlackBerry said that Facebook made unauthorised use of its technology in Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram's Messenger. Facebook is accused of enhancing its own messaging platform by enhancing "a number of the innovative security, user interface, and functionality" features of successful BlackBerry products. Now, Facebook has also decided to go to court for the breach of six of its patented processes. The ongoing legal battle between Facebook and Blackberry is likely to continue for a foreseeable future.

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