Sep 22, 2018

Facebook to Launch its own Alexa Powered Video Chat Device

Facebook is likely to launch its own Alexa-Powered video chat device which is called as Portal probably in the next week. The is set to be somewhat similar to Amazon's Echo Show. With this introduction, Facebook will than enter into the consumer technology space.

Video experience will be added in addition to audio experience with Amazon's Echo show and Echo Spot. However, comments regarding this development yet seem to be pending.

The device is said to be priced somewhat around $400 and the smaller one is said to be priced for $300. The device Portal will also feature a privacy shutter which will be able to cover the device's wide-angle video camera. 

AI will be used for recognising people in the frame and also for following them  as they move throughout the room. Also this new device will be Facebook's first consumer tech device outside of Oculus. 


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