Sep 03, 2018

How Facebook Marketing can help Businesses Grow

Facebook has more than 1.4 billion users visitors every day and around 80 million businesses advertising on its platform. This is the reason why Facebook seems to have become crowded. So here are some advantages of Facebook Marketing that still make it a useful marketing platform :-

1. Grow Brand Awareness & Traffic
Over the years it has become difficult to get a user's attention just through organic posts. Businesses should focus on sponsored posts and use the advanced targeting options provided to engage the right audience. You can use the lookalike audience feature that will show your ads to people similar to the people on your email list. You can also use organic methods like groups and influencer marketing to improve your traffic.

2. Keep Your Existing Audience Engaged
There are many new tools available on Facebook beside the regular text and photos to keep your audience engaged such as live videos, groups, chat bots etc. These help to build a relationship with your audience unlike simple captions or photos.

3. Drive Revenue
Ad targeting allows you to serve your ads to people who are ready to buy your products, you simply have to offer them a way to do this. For example, importing your inventory on your Facebook page will help users to take the buying decision quickly.

4. Educate New Customers
Facebook can be used as tool to retain current customers as well as engage new customers by solving their problems. One way to do this is to create organic content that helps to educate customers by addressing their common queries. For instance, you can answer customer's questions on your Facebook page, as well as provide tutorials.

5. Provide Customer Support
Messenger bots and Facebook groups can be used to provide a direct communication channel to customers. Chat bots can solve queries faster and more efficiently than human operators and groups provide a discussion platforms for customers to ask questions and given feedback. This will help to build good customer relations and gain insights about their needs.

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