Oct 14, 2019

How does Google and Facebook Actually Undertake Code Analysis

Code Analysis is a new approach that is being adopted by Google and Facebook teams. This new technique is being implemented by them into their development workflows. Code analysis has resulted in better and highly effective code quality.

Some of the key principles that are adopted by Google and Facebook teams are listed below:

  1. 1. MULTIPLE TOOLS - It is advisable to incorporate multiple tools while conducting code analysis. Multiple usage of tools results in providing unified results to developers.

  2. 2. WORKFLOW INTEGRATION IS IMPORTANT - The key is to make the results available in the right manner so that the necessary action is taken. One important aspect related to code analysis is the fact that integration is vital for effective deployment.

  3. 3. DEVELOPER TRUST - It is likely that the static tools might produce wrong results which ultimately results in developers lack of trust. In order to avoid this, one of the best ways to adopt is to be data-driven.

  4. 4. HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY - Static analysis tool results in better use of time which in turn results in higher levels of productivity.
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