Dec 12, 2018

How to Grow a Huge and Profitable Facebook Community

There are various Facebook Groups which are set up. Some for selling services and others for simply bringing people together. If your group is able to create remarkable value for both yourself and others it shows how true you are to your founding mission. There is no rocket science involved in building Facebook groups.

There is a Facebook group known as BAMF. Though it is not one of the larger Facebook marketing groups but the focus of this group is entirely based on technical quality. THE BAMF BIBLE is said to be one of the top voted book on Product Hunt of all time.

There are other groups on Facebook which are aimed to bring people together. One such example is of "London Startups". London startups has become one of the best known startup ecosystem in London.

The difference between these two facebook groups is that:
  • First one talks about meticulous control, execution, and immense and consistent value creation by the owner.
  • Second group talks about filling a market gap, opening it up for wider growth and engagement and encouraging anyone to post anything.

Some of the tips include :
  1. Using your Knowledge
  2. Fostering your connections
  3. Doing something which is meaningful
  4. Setting the rules and letting the group decide on how to interact

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