Nov 26, 2018

LinkedIn faced Probe for targeting 18 million non-members through Facebook Ads

Linkedin has recently faced probing for Facebook Ads which targeted about 18 million non members. It has been found that Linkedin has processed hashed email addresses of about 18 million non Linkedin members without taking necessary permission.

There was a complaint made regarding obtaining and using of the complainant's address for the sole purpose of targeted advertising on Facebook. On investigation it was found out that LinkedIn corporation in the US did not have the required permission for processing the hashed email addresses of around 18 million non-LinkedIn members.

A second audit was undertaken in order to see if LinkedIn had the adequate technical security and organisational measures. It was found out that LinkedIn was ordered to stop and delete associated data which existed prior to May 25 of this year, the day when GDPR had come into effect.

However, LinkedIn did not get fined for this process anyhow till the time the GDPR got implemented at the end of May.

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