Aug 29, 2018

Twitter Posts on Facebook were Temporarily Deleted

For years, users could cross post on Facebook using Twitter, meaning the tweets would automatically be shown as status updates on Facebook. However, earlier this month this cross-posting feature stopped working. Many users were furious about getting their posts deleted. Apparently, Facebook made changes to their API which caused the deletion.

The cause of deletion was Twitter administrator's request for the Twitter for Facebook app to be deleted, but the issue has been now fixed since many users complaint about losing years worth of content. Many Twitter users noticed that their app was not working. They tweeted about the issue of losing years worth of conversations with their friends. The comments or interactions made with such posts were also deleted. Facebook has restored the deleted content on people's profiles.

Facebook has been in the front of many controversies including the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal, after which the company has tightened up its developer policies. In April, to protect user's privacy Facebook announced that it would not allow third party apps to directly post on user's profile which caused a negative impact on over 60,000 apps.

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