Mar 22, 2020

Facebook Introduces a New Group to Offer Help to People by providing Services During this Crisis.

It is extremely important that in these times of crisis that people stay together and fight it out. Facebook has come up with an idea to help people stay together in the hour of need. It has introduced its new Facebook group with the main aim to bring together the people who are in need and people who can help. 

The group has been named as Cyprus Covid-19 Pandemic Helpers'. This seems to be a great initiative by Facebook. The group includes those businesses that are willing to share their services for the people who are in absolute need of them. 

Women are also seen volunteering to offer help in terms of shopping and walking of pets whoever is not able to do so. Businesses willing to offer help can just do that by posting what they can offer on the group.

Facebook has also stated it can block the account anytime if it found to be violating the rules. 

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