Mar 25, 2020

Facebook's Portal Device sees a Huge Surge in its Demand Amidst the Ongoing Pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic might have worked in a little favor for Facebook. Facebook just got lucky and was able to save upon a losing gadget. 
 Before this global crisis came into picture, Facebook new device launch that is Portal had been a source of mockery.The device basically allowed users to make video chats with one another. 
However, the current ongoing pandemic has changed the entire ball game. The device that was earlier ignored now seems to be sold out completely. Facebook Portal and other Portal related products have quite became a source of attraction. 
The increase in the demand for Portal is directly linked to the number of people that are working from home hat has now seen a rise in number. 
However, another reason for the sales in Portal devices could be due to the problems faced by Facebook in its supply chain. 
The coronavirus has made people realise how something that we did not value earlier has now become so important to everyone. 

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