Mar 13, 2020

Firefox Introduces New Facebook Container Add-On.

Firefox has come up with a new update that relates to its targeted ads. The majority of people today online use Google Chrome as their default web browser. With the latest move by Mozilla, it has come up with the feature wherein it stops Facebook from keeping track of you online. 

It has been seen that many sites use what we can call it to be trackers that follow your activities and other things that you browse on the web. The information collected is aimed at making better targeting of ads.

In view to avoid this, Firefox has recently introduced a new add-on which is known to be the 'Facebook Container' which will prohibit Facebook from tracking information. With the add-on, the cookies that store the information are automatically deleted. 

However, the add-on makes you sacrifice on other aspects of Facebook. In spite, the add-on Facebook still seems to access information. 

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