Mar 22, 2020

Looking out to Invest in the Best Stocks in the Ongoing Crisis??? Here's we have the Top 3.

Amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, businesses everywhere have been hit way too hard. Even the stock markets have been hit way too hard. In these times of crisis, you need to focus on companies that are low on debt along together with a strong history of cashflows. 

Once the coronavirus comes under control, we can see an improvement in these 3 major stocks. Let's have a look at these 3 stocks :

1. ALPHABET  - Alphabet is Google's parent company. While choosing stocks for investment many people prefer to invest in highly branded companies. For instance, Apple is a company that is usually preferred by many people. However, Alphabet is a great option to invest in seeing its current $120 billion cash hoard. This low cash makes it low on debt hence a great option to invest in. Google might flourish in this hour of an economic slowdown. 

2. FACEBOOK - In these times of crisis, the stock by Facebook is another option that you can choose to invest in. Facebook seems to be lacking any kind of long-term debt. Being unaware of what is going to happen in the coming months, it would be a safe bet to invest in Facebook. Moreover, the increasing number of people now at home there is said to be a huge rise in demand. 

3. Humana - Another great stock to invest in is Humana. Though Humana has seen a downfall in the past few months, it still appears to be a great stock to invest in. The 1% dividend yield of Humana depicts how strong the cash flow position is of the company. 



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