Dec 03, 2019

AR Camera Filter to be Launched for Instagram.

Bigg Boss has surely been creating waves every year. It is that part of the year that many people increasingly look forward to it. There is now a piece of good news for Bigg Boss fans. 

The channel Viacom's Colors has decided to introduce an interesting segment. A partnership between Colors and AliveNow has been created. The partnership is aimed at launching an AR filter for Instagram.

With the new feature, users will be able to witness a tour of the entire Bigg Boss house and also get to know what is in the rooms. Bigg Boss is no doubt an instant hit among the masses. 

The feature will let users go a step closer to the Bigg Boss house. Thousands of people eagerly die to go inside the Bigg Boss house. Hence, this feature will be fun for users. 

The AR camera filter feature will make it easy for the users to get a glimpse of the Bigg Boss house.