Jan 14, 2019

How to make your Instagram Body Positive, Diverse and Empowering

Instagram is no doubt one of the most popular social networking site after Facebook. So how will you make your Instagram body-positive, diverse and empowering. It has been proven that Instagram has been one of the reasons to kill tourist destinations, promotion of in-breeding and deformities in animals and also the scrolling has been linked to poor sleep.

A study on about 1500 young people claimed that people in the UK found Instagram to have the greatest negative effects as compared to other popular social media platforms.

How to give your Insta feed a refresh?
Popular instagrammers like Katrina, Moreblessing, Dani and Flex say that they review their feeds regularly. Its ok to unfollow someone who makes you feel bad or not worth engaging your time with. If in case there is an account that makes you feel better than you can follow the account.