Aug 28, 2018

Instagram Adds Verified Account Badges to Identify Fake Accounts

Instagram launched the blue verification badges that will authenticate high-profile accounts after they have undergone a verification process which includes the user providing photos of identity documentation. This long awaited feature is in an effort to make sure that the user knows for sure that the account belongs to the actual person or organization.

Fake accounts can cause harm to other users who believe them to be real. Hence with verification badges Instagram users can safely interact with public figures, big brands or well-known organizations.

Instagram recently passed a billion active users and became the fourth Facebook owned platform (after WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook) to achieve such a feat. In June, it unveiled its new long video feature to compete with YouTube.

With the popularity of Instagram growing year by year and its parent company, Facebook's involvement in data scandals, the media sharing website will provide more information about accounts with huge audiences will date of creation, locations and ads it may be running. This feature is likely to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

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