Sep 06, 2018

Instagram adds Personalized Emoji Bar

Instagram has rolled a new emoji bar for the comments section featuring the eight most used emojis by the user. The bar appears above the text field if the user wants to comment on a post.  If the user has not used an emoji on Instagram before, the emoji bar will have eight popular emojis pre-loaded. However, the emoji bar is not available for stories or DMs yet.

This tool is bound to make using emojis on Instagram a lot easier than before. It is especially useful if people wish to quickly comment on a post if they are busy but they still want to show their interest. By clicking on any emoji from the bar available, you can add it to your comment field with text or other emojis.

This feature is not based on predictive AI, meaning that it cannot predict what would be your response to a post, a feature that has been introduced by many websites like LinkedIn and Gmail. It simply helps users express their views using their favourite pictorial representations.

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