Mar 23, 2020

Opportunity to Work as a Content Producer & Copywriter.

Here is an exciting opportunity to make your career in the field of content writing. If you are someone who is looking for something great in the field of content writing then this post is for you. Tough Mudder, a firm based out in Brixton is looking to hire potential candidates in the area of content marketing. 

The role offered by the company is for the position to work as a Content Producer and Copywriter. The firm has its branches in the States as well as in the UK. 

The following are the key responsibilities that are required by this role:

- Building a strong brand presence 
- Creating a high-quality content 
- Writing content in various forms including newsletters, press releases, etc
- Possess strong interpersonal skills 
- Knowledge regarding the various digital marketing tools 
- Comfortable working with Google Analytics, Adobe and Microsoft Excel