Aug 24, 2018

Another Breach of Consumer Data faced by T-Mobile

T-Mobile claims to disclose data breach of consumer information. T-Mobile stated that it has shut down a data breach which it found to be potentially exposing consumer information like phone numbers and email addresses.

It was the cyber security team that discovered this,which led to the shut down of unauthorised access to information on 20th August. It added that no financial data was stolen only personal information like account number but phone number may have been stolen.

The number of customers impacted due to this remains undisclosed. The breach is said to have impacted about 3 percent of the total of 77 million customers which comes to around 2.3 million customers.

T-Mobile has before also experienced a breach of user data in the the year 2015. During this year, personal records of about 15 million people seemed to be compromised.

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