Aug 28, 2018

Apple to Launch iPhone with OLED Screen this Year

Apple is all set to launch its largest ever iPhone which is likely to have a crisper OLED screen and also a major software upgrade. Apple is all set to launch three new phones that will provide it with an edge to edge screen design as compared to last year's flagship.

The new phones is said to be priced more, have more features and also different sizes. All the three iPhones will have new design and will not be anyway linked to old design.

The new iPhones are said to be unveiled in the month of September. Apple's goal is now to steadily raise the average prices and also simultaneously expanding the total number of active devices in order to support the sale of accessories.

It was in the year 2016, that Apple had reported a new milestone of 1 million active devices. As we can see in this year, the number has increased to about 1.3 million.

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