Oct 22, 2018

Apps can now Track You even after you Uninstall them

Apps now have the capability to track you even after you have uninstalled them. Companies now have enabled to figure out which users have uninstalled a given piece of software. It is is said that AppsFlyer, MoEngage, Localytics and CleverTap are said to be among the top companies which currently offer uninstall trackers which usually form a part of a broader set of developer tools.

Some of the providers are of the opinion that these tracking tools are meant to measure the user reaction to app updates and also other changes. A core element of Apple's Inc and Google's mobile operating systems seems to be exploited when you uninstall tracking. These tools are said to violate Apple and Google's policies against use of silent push notifications in order to build advertising audiences.

Uninstalling tracking can aid in fixing bugs and also enable refinement of apps without bothering users with surveys or more intrusive tools.