Sep 20, 2018

Google Launched The Final Preview of Flutter

Google has recently launched the final preview of Flutter. It is basically an open source mobile UI framework which enables developers to build native interfaces for both Android and iOS.

It is said to be the last major milestone before the actual release of stable Flutter 1.0 which is all set to arrive later this year. In the month of February, the first beta had arrived which was than followed by two more. The flutter apps are basically build using the programming language of Google's Dart.

Flutter Release Preview 2
Even when the application is suspended, Flutter Release preview 2 will still include support for execution of Dart code in the background. With the new release,the application package size will also get reduced for both Android and iOS devices by almost 30 percent.

Flutter Adoption
The new developers seem to be adopting Flutter. The Flutter based apps have already made their way to the Apple App store and Google Play. It has also broken the record of the top 50 active software repositories on GitHub. If you need more information related to Flutter than Google might help you by offering variety of resources including samples, hands-on videos, newsletters, community articles, developer shows, etc.

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