Dec 17, 2018

Google Maps now supports Auto Rickshaw Mode for Public Transport

Google Maps on Android has come up with a new update. It now supports auto rickshaws for public transport users in Delhi. When you select this mode of transport in Google Maps, commuters will be able to view routes for their ride as well as the estimated auto-rickshaw fare.

The main reason for this feature is to incorporate this most commonly used mode of public transport in Google Maps and also share transparent information regarding the price of the journey. With this feature, users can plan their journey better since this also gives an estimate regarding the price of the auto-rickshaw ride.

People usually use auto-rickshaws for their daily commute and face problems like fare negotiation. This feature will enable them with suggested routes as well as the estimated auto-rickshaw fares. This feature can be found within the 'public transport' and 'cab' modes in the app and will be based on the trip route and also on the official fare model shared by the Delhi Traffic Police.

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