Jun 18, 2018

How to ditch your Smartphone Addiction?

With increasing improvement and development in technology people are increasingly getting addicted to their smartphones. Though smartphone is said to be of great use with its potential benefits but usage of anything in excess is harmful.

According to recent reports, if an average person looks at their smartphone for approximately more than 2000 times per day it said to be addicted to their smartphone. In order to bring down this addiction you need to put a patch on its usage. 

When we talk about patch the Zmartfone Blocker comes into picture. It is a kind of patch that basically blocks you from looking at the screen by sticking on the screen. Stupid Studios developed this patch because they know what it is like being addicted and glued to your smartphone. 

According to the article though the patch will not be able to control your addiction to a greater extent but it can still help to reduce it. This patcher would basically work for those who firstly have admitted the fact that they do have smartphone addiction and want to take necessary actions to curb it. This patch from Zmartfone blocker is what you need to go for.