May 29, 2019

Mobile Marketing should Focus on The One Second Strategy

Pop ups featuring online ads are often and usually skipped by people today. No one seems to be any interested in viewing those ads. One of the toughest part is to grab users' attention having a hell of competition everywhere.

When it comes to mobile marketing one of the best strategies is said to be the 'One Second Strategy'. Detailed below are some of the key takeaways from Cognitive Neuroscience Research Project.

It takes nearly half a second to trigger a reaction to a particular ad whether it is positive or negative. Since the time videos have come into existence they generate a stronger emotional response.

Some of the factors that are responsible for triggering emotions includes a blur, a handle, visual elements and motion drives emotion. It is necessary for marketers to focus on the development of the right creative.

For enabling marketers in creating a one second strategy, the ad industry should aid in developing the buying tools.