Visualsoft, an ecommerce and digital agency recently researched and found out that approximately 87% of UK retailers have been facing revenue losses due to the poor performance of their mobile sites. Any website which takes time to load on mobile sites will eventually make the customers frustrate and will compel them to leave the page. A typical website should load on any mobile handset within 5 to 6 seconds. If websites take more time than this it is rated to be as “poor” the report suggests. Visualsoft claims that there has been a consistent drop in the performance of mobile site and the online visibility of UK retailers . An update on a report in July claims that when websites load within 4 seconds they are termed as “excellent” in performance. Visualsoft found that it was only 1% of the total 245 UK retailers who actually had their websites falling in the “excellent category”. Approximately 27% loss is likely to occur when the average loading speed is more than 10 seconds. The head of digital at Visualsoft, Gavin Lowther said that with increasing pressure and competition from peers and other search engines like “Speed Update” of Google, UK retailers seem to take no action in order to maintain their spot in the market.