May 23, 2019

The Future Of Huawei Smartphones

The recent move by the Washington government seems to have rattled Huawei's business. Seeing the effect of this decision on Huawei, it remains unclear as to till when will customers continue to buy Huawei's smartphones?

The first company to discontinue its business with Huawei was chip-maker ARM which was then followed by Google. Some others include Intel, Qualcomm and Panasonic.

Huawei's loss of business with ARM will cause a major setback in its business operations. ARM is said to be the lifeline of smartphones. The entire inner processing of the smartphones are based on ARM chips. Losing ARM as a business partner will surely impact Huawei.

Seeing the situation of Huawei, it is now considered to be the right time for Beijing to stand up for the survival of the flagship company. Huawei has also been scrapped from EE and Vodafone's 5G launch plans.

Huawei had achieved the number two spot in the past couple of months. However, these situations only seem to put Huawei's future in danger.