Sep 09, 2018

Tor Browser now available for Android Devices

Tor Browser which is popular among users who wish to maintain privacy while browsing the web, is now available for Android mobile users. The browser will allow users to block their location and data mining codes that track their web activity. Earlier this browser was only available on PC, Mac and Linux.

Tracking user data and selling to companies so that can serve better ads is a major source of revenue for some companies. Sometimes users don't even know they are being tracked online and their information is begin shared with theirs parties. Such privacy concerns make it imperative to have a platform like Tor that protects user's privacy.

The Tor Browser should be used with Orbot app, a proxy app that helps in full utilization of Tor's capabilities. Tor is able to allow users to browse anonymously by encrypting the outgoing traffic three times before sending it to the Tor network. It also clears the cookies immediately after browsing session ends and blocks current location of the user so that location data mining code is not able to access it.

Tor browser looks like a normal Mozilla Firefox browser and so it has a user friendly interface with the additional privacy. All the other features such as tab, incognito mode are all similar as a normal browser.

Tor Browser for Android is currently in Alpha Phase and is available in Google Play store. The Tor Project team is fixing some bugs and the app would be fully released by early next year.

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