Jun 19, 2018

Gaming Addiction classified asDisorder by WHO

Technology has its own pros and cons. There should always be a limit in whatever we use be it gaming, using smartphones or anything. Overuse of anything is basically termed as addiction. According to recent news by WHO, the constant addiction to gaming is described to be a disorder.

The World Health Organization has for the first time listed your addiction to gaming as a mental health condition. A study by Oxford University claims that the addiction is more among boys than girls.

WHO has decided that it will include ‘gaming disorder’ in its 11th International classification of Diseases. If you continue to play games on a continuous basis than it tends to get in your normal routine life and eventually turns into an addiction. ICD completed its last version in the year 1992 and the next version is due to release in the year 2018.

The guide by ICD is extremely useful to doctors and researches which enables them to keep a track of various signs and symptoms and helps to diagnose diseases. According to Dr Richard Graham who is currently the lead technology addiction specialist at the Nightingale Hospital claims that he sees approximately 50 new cases every year of digital addiction.

Various countries are implementing several laws to curb the over addiction to gaming and digital devices. In South Korea, the government has passed a law and has banned children from accessing online games between midnight and 6:00 who are under the age of 16.