Bing Ads now lets Advertisers Target Multiple Languages

Bing Ads are all set to let the advertisers target multiple languages at the Campaign Level. They have basically expanded its support for targeting language at the campaign level.

Initially, the bing ads were targeted only at the group level. Advertisers will be allowed to choose a combination of both targeting options. The expansion of support for language training basically targets a more seamless import/export process.

There are two steps for the purpose for targeting multiple languages with existing campaigns:

  • Step 1: Setup campaigns by selecting "All languages" from any of the twelve supported languages.
  • Step 2: After this, setup ad groups to "Use the campaign settings"

Keeping these settings in mind, Ad Groups will target all the languages that seem to be selected for the campaigns.

Benefits of Multiple Language Targeting in Bing Ads:
  1. Greater Reach: It will help you to increase your campaign reach
  2. Improved Customer Experience: When you provide ads in more languages it can lead to improved customer satisfaction
  3. More Flexibility: It provides you with greater flexibility.
  4. Easier Import across Platforms: It is easier to import campaigns from the Google Ads.