Google has Introduced 3 New Features for Responsive Display Ads

Google now seems to have introduced 3 new features for the purpose of Responsive display ads. These three new features are aimed to improve the functionality and reporting capabilities. These features will enable the incorporation of video assets into responsive display ads.

  • • Video Assets will enable advertisers to select upto 5 videos from their YouTube channel in order to display in a responsive display ad. These ads with video assets will have the same capability to scale ad creation, testing, and optimization.

  • • Combination Reports will enable you to get insights into the performance of different creative asset combinations. For accessing the combinations reporting in Google Ads, you can click on "View Ad details" in the Ads table and then select the "Combinations" tab.

  • • Ad Strength Scorecard is said to measure how well your responsive display ads are set up before they go live. These ads will check for the optimal number of unique headlines, images, and descriptions.

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