How to Create Amazing Remarketing Funnels

There are certain tips as to how you can create amazing remarketing funnels. For that purpose, you need to keep in mind 5 tips for the same. It can be seen that the variety of remarketing tactics available today within paid search are seen to grow.

As soon as you come to know that the customer has engaged with your website you can make use of your marketing campaign to see that you are messaging correctly.

Here are 5 tips which needs to be kept in mind to create amazing remarketing campaigns and funnels.

  1. Understanding and Optimizing Time Constraints Related to Consumer Purchase Cycles:
    You need to setup a membership duration time frame for how long a person's cookie remains in your marketing list. In case if you do not understand what timeframe to set your membership duration you can get insights from your analytics account.

  2. Creating Multiple Audiences and Remarketing Lists based on the Purchase Journey:
    This is one of the important areas wherein you need to understand your purchase journey. You can consider the following points while creating your purchase journey map:
              a. What is the step of the journey
              b. How the specific step has been tracked
              c. The name of the list

  3. Adjusting Consumer Messaging based on the Audience List:
    After understanding the purchase journey and how the audience will align to each step now you need to figure out how you can apply it to your search strategy. You can also customize and leverage your ad extensions.

  4. Understanding Landing Pages:
    You need to understand how you can optimize your landing page. For this purpose, you can set up an A/B test to two different landing pages for the same ad copy to see if you can impact conversion rate.

  5. Adjusting Bid Strategy based on Audience:
    This point is overlooked. Since audience lists can be assigned at the ad group and campaign level it means you can adjust your bid optimisation strategy too.

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