How to Create More Effective Ads using Google's New Ad Strength Feature

Creating diverse Ads is a challenge but a necessary exercise one needs to undertake to ensure that the ads are optimised for multiple audience groups. Till now, advertisers would create ad creatives and include them in their Google Ads (AdWords) ad groups at their will. Some would put more while others would put in less, however, none were confident on which ones will work.

So to ensure that we have multiple ads copies that Google can utilise through its machine learning algorithms to show the right ads to the right target audience, Google has come up with a new Ad format called Responsive Search Ads (beta). These ads will provide options for the advertisers to submit multiple headlines and descriptions which Google Ads with mix and match will come up with the winning ad copy. These ads will be more helpful, personalised and relevant to the users. 

Note: These Responsive Search Ads are in Beta Phase currently and may not be available to all Google Ads Advertisers.

To get its users more out of the responsive ads, Google will preview these combinations so that we get a sense of how they will look like to the users. Google Ads will also show a "Ad Strength Score" from Excellent to Poor that will tell us how these ads are expected to perform.

Hopefully these new tools and ad formats will help us personalise ad copies for a diverse set of audiences and hopefully this will improve Click through Rates (CTRs) and outcomes through online advertising. Responsive ads are already available for Display Campaigns and Universal App Campaigns for mobile devices.

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