How to Create the Best Performing Google Ads

So what requires a Google Ad to be considered as one of the best performing ones. There are certain high-impact ways which you can use for the purpose of creating one. Google Ads are also said to be one of the best ways to get new leads for various businesses. There are around 6 billion ads which are displayed by Google each day.

It is essential to create an effective Google Ad so that you can catch people's eyes. The following are the 5 high-impact ways for creating the best performing Google Ads:
  1. Competitive Keyword Research for Google Ads:
    Google Ad campaigns require deep keyword research. With proper keyword research, you can analyse the competitive landscape and also create a killer campaign. SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool can help you better understand the essentials of your competitors advertisements and also evaluate which ones works best.

  2. Set Location Targeting:
    It is better to set up targeted geographic areas in order to better reach your audience. Some tips for advertising the business locally include :
    a. Creating eye-catching headlines and text ads
    b. Mentioning landmarks, attractions and regional colloquialisms
    c. Adding local phone numbers

  3. Add a Compelling Call to Action:
    Calls to action will work if your headline is compelling enough to create attention. Instead of giving the customers options such as "click here" or "buy now", you should show them why they must visit your website and also the various benefits they will get.

  4. Include Symbols and Numbers:
    If you wish to stand out from others in the competition, you should try and include symbols and numbers in a creative way. Numbers should be included for specificity.

  5. Make your Ads Personal:
    It is always better to include power words like "we", "you" , "I", "me" etc for the purpose of increasing the ad's performance and also persuading them to click. Ads are created for people and not for search engines.

It is therefore beneficial that you should constantly test your advertising copy and make use of tools so that you can run a successful campaigns.

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