LinkedIn offers New Integrations with Google Campaign Manager

LinkedIn is all set to offer new integrations with Google campaign manager and Vimeo. This new integration will basically enable marketers to compare and manage their LinkedIn ad performance in comparison to other ad efforts which will all be within the single dashboard.

The integration is said to bring together LinkedIn’s ad insights into Google’s expanding data toolset. This will provide marketers with a more comprehensive overview of ad performance across various platforms. Recently it is seemed that Google has also released its Data Studio Tool to all users which will add another element to that process.

The following are the steps in order to enable LinkedIn integration within campaign manager :

  1. Create your Sponsored Content campaign as a Draft.
  2. Click the Manage tracking bullseye icon in order to add your Google tracking tags.
  3. Add both the impressions and click tags and than hit the save button.

Vimeo is also all set to offer a new way for paid subscribers in order to publish Vimeo videos to their LinkedIn company pages which will in turn add another way to share video content to LinkedIn. This will make it easier for Vimeo users to distribute their videos across multiple channels which in turn will encourage more LinkedIn users to store the content on the video platform.