Say Goodbye to Average Position Metric in Google Ads

Google has finally moved all its advertisers to its new interface. One of the changes was that the "Average Position" now no longer appears in a column by default.

Google Ads has put the average position metric to a non-default status. The metric seemed to be important for most of the advertisers. It basically connected them to the search results page.

Google had added the "Impression (Top) %" and "Impression (Absolute Top)%" in the month of November last year in order to describe what percentage of your ads are likely to appear at the top of the page and absolute top of the page. With these metrics, Google can inform advertisers regarding the prominence of their ads.

Impression (Absolute Top)% refers to the percentage of time your ads are in the very first position above the organic search results.

Impression (Top)% refers to the percentage of the time your ads are anywhere above the organic search results.