101 Tips on How to Boost Your Conversion Rates

Here are around 101 things which can be done in order to improve your conversion rate and also establish a solid reputation for your brands, products and services.
  1. 001. Try to answer users' questions.
  2. 002. Apart form telling also prove with stats, case studies, and testimonials.
  3. 003. Provide easy navigation leads
  4. 004. Aim for the right call-to-action and tell them what to do.
  5. 005. Try and use re marketing pixels.
  6. 006. Go for episodic video content.
  7. 007. Use Google AMP, Google PageSpeed Insights and Facebook Instant articles in order to speed things up.
  8. 008. Try and be helpful.
  9. 009. You can also offer freebies including infographic downloads or pre-order coupons.
  10. 010. Try and target your banners which will enable to improve the quality of visitors.
  11. 011. Go for low aiming.
  12. 012. Try going for split tests which include A/B testing.
  13. 013. Try and track everything. For this purpose, use web analytics.
  14. 014. You should provide them with a reason as to why they are buying from you.
  15. 015. Try to tweak one page element at a time.
  16. 016. Actively engage and use a chatbot which improves conversion.
  17. 017. Try an make your shopping cart quick, safe, integrated and easy to use.
  18. 018. You should create separate landing pages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.
  19. 019. Everything should be checked and working including links, contact forms, social media buttons etc.
  20. 020. There should be multiple ways to contact you including phone numbers, emails, live chat, messenger apps etc.
  21. 021. Try to go for mobile first.
  22. 022. Sales page should be tested on different browsers.
  23. 023. Also try different smartphone OS including Symbian, Windows, iOS and Android
  24. 024. You should offer value first and then expect contact details.
  25. 025. Go for personalisation.
  26. 026. Keep a tab on your competition.
  27. 027. Periodically track keyword performance.
  28. 028. Go for a video that shows your face and voice and build trust.
  29. 029. Try to solve problems and how can it be fixed.
  30. 030. Use effective headlines with rolls..
  31. 031. Remove all the distracting page elements.
  32. 032. Try using floating forms.
  33. 033. Heat maps can be used to show you which part of the page needs attention.
  34. 034. Recording the page will let you know how and where readers ignore or click.
  35. 035. Go for hovering functionality which boosts interaction.
  36. 036. Try to include "trust markers" including awards, partners, clients and compliance certificates.
  37. 037. Consider writing for skimmers.
  38. 038. Include test drives and free trials wherever applicable.
  39. 039. You should focus more on benefits than features.
  40. 040. You can target emotions with evocative images
  41. 041. Be transparent in your pricing.
  42. 042. Try to bundle your products.
  43. 043. Do your selling at the top
  44. 044. Try to offer a simple step by step buyer's journey.
  45. 045. Try working with a professional copywriter.
  46. 046. Also include a professional designer to make things look pretty.
  47. 047. Include a professional developer in order to keep things functional.
  48. 048. Try to speak to your ideal buyer and directly speak to them.
  49. 049. Include a contact form.
  50. 050. Consider going for employing scarcity
  51. 051. Try an add a countdown timer
  52. 052. Have clear policies regarding cancellations, returns and refunds.
  53. 053. Offer a tracking number and a 24-hour sales assistance
  54. 054. Include floating carts.
  55. 055. When you pose a question it will help you to lower your bounce rate
  56. 056. Include tools like Serpstat to formulate thought-provoking sales questions.
  57. 057. Try and be concise
  58. 058. Consider maximizing internal links.
  59. 059. Try to guest post in order to strategically build targeted traffic.
  60. 060. Turn from outgoing to incoming social media strategies.
  61. 061. Include inclusion tools like text to speech software, closed captions and diverse models.
  62. 062. Include relevant stories and try to add them to your sales pitch
  63. 063. Try including exclusive opt-in content.
  64. 064. Know your audience and speak their language.
  65. 065. Try to gamify your purchasing process. Include loyalty points or badges.
  66. 066. Return visitors should be acknowledged.
  67. 067. Have clear clients goals.
  68. 068. Try to test your user experience.
  69. 069. Consider localizing your content with the help of GPS /UP data and multiple site versions.
  70. 070. Keep changing your web host
  71. 071. Try to compress visuals in order to enhance loading speed.
  72. 072. Do not include external crowd-sourced script.
  73. 073. Try to cache it if possible.
  74. 074. Have an interactive sales site.
  75. 075. Try to exclude click bait.
  76. 076. Give importance to court engagement over follows and likes when it comes to social media.
  77. 077. Have a five second test in order to see what readers recall.
  78. 078. Different conversion goals should have different landing pages
  79. 079. In case of a sign up exchange a gift.
  80. 080. Include free online courses than use it to up sell
  81. 081. Try having a content path
  82. 082. Have a start there list for essential content for first time visitors.
  83. 083. Include both paid and organic traffic generation techniques.
  84. 084. Have a content library.
  85. 085. Have a lead magnet and grow your mailing list
  86. 086. Keep a review of individual content posts and also boost best performers.
  87. 087. Have customized lead forms on top performing posts.
  88. 088. Visitors should be provided with a digital welcome mat and virtual gift box.
  89. 089. Keep checking content that converts best
  90. 090. Try to apply color psychology
  91. 091. Try to refresh evergreen content rather than just reposting.
  92. 092. Consider drilling down.
  93. 093. Have segmented audience and develop distinct strategies for each.
  94. 094. Try to offer sincere serving.
  95. 095. Go for a premium package.
  96. 096. Include triggered pop ups and exit pop ups
  97. 097. Adjust your promotion spend.
  98. 098. Aim for writing humans, sounding humans and targeting humans.
  99. 099. You should always respect customer privacy.
  100. 100. Have a trusted payment processor.
  101. 101. Try to present your CTA's in button form and ensure that they are working. 
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