Effective On-Site SEO Strategies

SEO is seen to grow more complex apart from relying on traditional text and document analysis in order to rank its index. The following are some of the best SEO practices which everyone might not agree too however people can agree on at least some of them.

  1. 1. CONTENT:
    As it is rightly said that 'Content is king'. Just having content will not help you to gather traffic. It is estimated that around 91% of online content generates no traffic from Google. The relevance of content to user intent is said to be an important ranking factor because your content needs to ve relevant to a search otherwise it might prove to be devalued.

    When you develop website for users, you need to take into consideration your website and website content from a fresh perspective. User engagement is also another important ranking factor.

    The pages per session concept deals withhow many pages a user views before leaving your site. This method can be found in Google Analytics.

    Bounce rate is indicates how satisfied users are with your landing page or website. Having  low Click-through rate will indicate that your messaging is not relevant to a user search.

    Technical SEO is said to be the foundation of SEO on which everything else is build. In order to get indexed, your website needs to be crawled. Crawl Rate determines how many requests per secind a search engine spider has made to your site.

    You need to have an HTTPS secure website which is essentially valuable for ensuring the security of transactions on your website. You should also aim for clean URL strustures with status 200 codes.

    This is said to be important when you see from multiple SEO perspectives. Deep linking is said to be a best SEO practice.

    One of the most crucial factors is that your website should be mobile friendly. Google's primary ranking index is now the mobile first index which is updated before its desktop index. Mobile friendly design and fast page speeds are the two most important mobile factors.
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